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Sudsy time pet grooming Services
At Sudsy time pet grooming, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are professional, courteous and efficient.

Prices for dog bathing and dog grooming packages are based on breed, condition of coat and time taken to complete de service. While we do our best to provide an approximate price range over the phone, you'll get the most accurate quote if we can assess your pet in person.


Includes nails trimmed,ears cleaned and plucked,sanitary area shaved,anal gland expression(upon request),two baths with our hypo-allergenic shampoo,coat conditioner,teeth brushing,blow dry,15 min brush out,cologne,bows or bandana.


Includes everything in basic plus trimming around the feet,sanitary trimming and light trimming around face.


Includes everything in basic and bath and tidy plus breed specific cut or customer request haircut.

Great for in-between groomings to prevent your pet's nails from getting to long. it is important to keep your pet's nails short. Long nails can cause problems with your pet's gait, spreading of his toes and it can become painful and he walks on the nails instead of the foot pad.

This prices are added to cost of any regular or full service groom except full service nails and nails only.


Includes flea shampoo,moisturizing coat conditioner and spot-on Flea and Tick Control application.(Dogs and Cats)


Choice for those really stinky pets, from the pet that just smell a little bit to your dog that caught a skunk and doesn't know what to do with it. (Dogs and Cats)


Medicated shampoo with just the right formulation of vitamins,aloe vera and natural oils so it penetrates into the skin to help soothe and treat many skin irritations. Removes scales and crust and deodorizes skin. Vet recommended.


A safe unique method using professional brushing techniques and products to reduce shedding. Circulation stimulation and basic massage techniques are applied during the process.


Moisturizes and soothes the skin. Revitalizes and detangles the coat. The result is a softer,shinier coat and by using this regularly you will help keep your pet skin and coat looking healthy and feeling great. (Dogs and Cats)


Great for smooth nails. Reduces scratches on hardwood floors,furniture and you.


Helps maintain proper dental health,includes teeth brushing and long lasting fresh breath foam spay.


An application of pet-safe nail polish that's just for fancy and fun.


Pamper your pet with our foaming facial,cleanse exfoliates and removes dirt around eyes and mouth. Leaves pet's face with a fresh,clean scent of Blueberry or vanilla! You will feel the difference in a softer,smoother and brighter hair coat. 


Nails trimmed,ears cleaned,bath and brushing. Lion trims upon request.

 All grooms receive a FREE!!!!
   Blueberry/vanilla facial
     All grooms receive a FREE!!!!
    Blueberry/vanilla facial